We practice in all areas of Family Law including disputes over children’s living arrangements (“custody” and “access” disputes), property matters and de facto matters.


We are able to handle a range of criminal matters ranging in seriousness from the basic traffic offence to the most serious of criminal offences.


Parents often feel vilified and criticised by the social workers of the welfare authority and the system. We provide a high standard of representation in these matters.


It is important that everyone has an up-to-date will, particularly in the context of a divorce and property settlement. We prepare wills for our clients.


This firm has a strong commitment to social justice and a philosophy which says the law should be accessible to all.  As such we believe in delivering high quality legal services at a reasonable and affordable price.

We also believe in plain speaking personal service and helping to de-mystify the law.

We understand that Family Law in particular involves clients in very stressful situations.

We endeavour to be respectful of all our clients and be mindful of their situations, whilst at the same time requiring reciprocal behaviour towards us.

We practice affordable law, ensuring equal access to justice for all.

As such we are proud supporters of the Legal Services Commission of South Australia (“Legal Aid”) and the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (“ALRM”) and legal aid clients and referrals from ALRM are welcome. Importantly we focus on providing affordable legal services to those disadvantaged including women, marginalised and minority groups in the community.

We also practice a “One Stop Shop” philosophy; combining solicitors’ work with in-house counsel, at very competitive rates.

We offer a range of services including advice, solicitors’ work in handling file and counsel representation in the areas of Family (and the related area of Child Protection)  and Criminal law. We offer our comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for clients in the areas of Family law, Child Protection and Criminal law.


We offer a limited free first interviews in certain circumstances.

As with all legal practices, prior to our engagement as your solicitors we provide a comprehensive Costs Agreement which needs to be acknowledged and signed by you before we are formally engaged and commence work on your matter.  Normally we request payment of an initial sum into our trust account, subject to our comments below.

Our fees for private work are very competitive and are based on the Family Law Scale which previously applied.

Our fees are subject to the cost-of-living increase which apply in August of each year.  In fixing the level of our fees we have balanced our considerable legal experience with ensuring that our clients continue to receive excellent value for the services undertaken.

We offer a Deferred Payment Scheme in property settlement matters when clients are on pensions/benefit or minimal wages.  If you are seeking deferred payment, we do ask you to provide your financial particulars to allow us to assess your eligibility.  We are also prepared to discuss reasonable payment plans in other situations.  Again until such arrangements are confirmed and the Costs Agreement is signed, we are not formally engaged as your solicitor and do not commence work on your matter.


We do offer in-house counsel service in some situations. In-house lawyers will often appear at interim stages in court proceedings

However specialist counsel will often  be briefed for trials.  We are of the view that it is generally undesirable for Family Law clients to proceed to trial with counsel they have never previously met until the trial stage.   Hence when matters are likely to proceed to trial, we try and brief counsel at an early or interim stage in order for you as client to have confidence in your legal counsel .

Alternatively whilst the standard of the independent bar is excellent, our view is that at times clients may feel more comfortable with in-house counsel who have involvement in their matter from the outset.  You should discuss this option with your solicitor who will make a determination about whether we can offer in-house counsel in your particular circumstances.  This will often depend on the complexity of the matter and in-house workload at the time.


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