Polly Dixon has vast experience in criminal practice and has worked on some very serious and significant criminal cases before the courts. We continue to run a number of criminal files.  Whilst our preferred work is generally in Adelaide, we do service the greater Adelaide metropolitan area at times. We are able to handle a range of criminal matters ranging in seriousness from the basic traffic offence to the most serious of criminal offences.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The police are here and want to question me. Do I need legal advice?

Yes you do and we recommend you ring the 24 hour duty solicitor service Legal Services Commission SA (LSC) on 1800 643222 or if you are Aboriginal you are entitled to be represented by the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) on phone number 08 81133 777.  If further advice or representation is required following questioning, contact us.

I have been charged with a minor offence – do I need a lawyer?

You should still get legal advice, we will tell you openly and honestly whether the outcome will be significantly affected in the event of representation.

I am facing a serious charge and risk going to gaol – can you act?

Yes, we have considerable experience in serious matters.  We will engage experienced counsel for jury trials in the District or Supreme Court.

I want a lawyer who believes in me - will you fight for my rights?

We as lawyers maintain a professional relationship with our clients and do not become barrackers for the cause, however we strongly believe in fighting hard for our clients in all situations.