We practice in all areas of Family Law including disputes over children’s living arrangements (“custody” and “access” disputes), property matters and de facto matters.  We welcome members of the LGBTIQ community and we are continuing to develop some expertise in relation to the evolving laws affecting all facets of LGBTIQ relationships.

Children’s matters including ‘live with’ (“custody”) and ‘spend time with’ (“access”)

  • abuse matters
  • family violence matters
  • special factors eg. drugs, alcohol usage etc.
  • relocation
  • Hague convention and child abduction


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

My partner has taken the child – can I do anything to get the child returned to me? Or back to Adelaide? Can I spend time with (“have access to”) my child when I am not a biological parent? Can I seek an order to see my grandchild?

Yes to all the above – an application can be made to the court.

Do I have to have mediation first?

Generally yes, but if the matter is urgent or involves abuse, the mediation requirement may be dispensed with.

I want a lawyer who believes in me - will you fight for my rights?

We as lawyers maintain a professional relationship with our clients and do not become barrackers for the cause, however we strongly believe in fighting hard for our clients in all situations.